Hello folks,

\"IMG_3881\"And welcome to MakingModels.co.uk, otherwise known as Rich\’s Modelling Blog!

Back when I was a lad, back in the 70s, my main hobby was making plastic model kits. I enjoyed making all kinds of models – mainly military aircraft but often diverging into model ships, tanks, soldiers, kings, knights, dinosaurs – you name it.

Over the past 30-odd years I\’ve dipped in and out of the hobby never quite managing to re-discover my modelling mojo, that is until last year (2013) when I was in Toys-R-us with my young sons on a toy buying mission… I found myself once again looking at the model kits and reminiscing as to how I used to do little else than build and paint model planes. I picked up an Airfix starter kit, a Mitsubishi Zero and decided to have another crack at getting back into the hobby….

This time I decided to avoid perfectionism, and to just slap the kit together as quickly as possible and to have fun building it rather than trying to turn out a professional grade product. Well that lasted for about half the build when I discovered via YouTube the revolution in building techniques that has happened since the 70\’s. A whole world of new tools and techniques opened up, liquid cements, weathering washes, decal setting solutions etc…

Part of my problem getting back into the hobby before was that I\’d spend hours and hours building a kit, and the end result would always be a bit naff. I couldn\’t put my finger on it exactly but the finished models always looked a bit like a 6 year old had made them and they didn\’t look very convincing. Through the power of the internet I discovered the missing techniques I needed to be able to produce a satisfying end result and my mojo was restored.

This site is a place where I will share my builds, both in progress and completed, and hopefully some of it might be useful…

Cheers – Rich