About Rad Boogie

About me

I’m Richard Moore and I’d like to welcome you to my blog site which is named “Rad Boogie”…

All my life I have been fascinated by designing and making things and I’ve been lucky enough to work in all kinds of engineering jobs over the years.

I make all kinds of different things using 3D Printing, Metalwork, Woodwork, Electronics, Software etc… Whatever is required to get the job done. 

I look forward to sharing with you the things that I make, we’re going on an adventure! 

why rad boogie?

Everything needs a name, and in the online World you need a lot of names – YouTube Handle, Twitter Handle, Instagram Handle, Domain Name etc…

It helps a lot if the names are all the same across all channels and finding an online handle that isn’t already taken only ever gets harder. That’s right, LadiesMan217 is no longer available.

So for a handle that would be (fairly) unique I reached back to my days of programming the legendary Commodore Amiga micro computer and chose the name “SERF_RAD_BOOGIE“.

SERF_RAD_BOOGIE was a flag that could be used when programming the serial port which would allow the serial port to skip certain checks in order to run at high speed for demanding applications such as MIDI.

SERF is short for “Serial Flags” and most of them are pretty dull sounding. SERF_XDISABLED, SERF_EOFMODE and so on. So whoever decided to name the high speed mode “RAD_BOOGIE” has my undying admiration.