Hello, world!

This probably the first time I have installed WordPress and left the original “Hello, world!” placeholder post intact. Seeing as this blog is going to be about software development I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to begin.

Anyway, welcome! Come on in an have seat. I’ll just move those books, and mind the cables by the way. Coffee? Stupid question.

If you’re wondering who I am, have a look at the About page. It’s like the first couple of pages of my user guide, the bit where it congratulates you on buying the code-o-matic five-thousand and where it promises years of dedicated service and enjoyment as long as you clean it with a lint free cloth.

Oh, and you might be wondering about the name of the site? No, not the blog part, the radboogie bit. That’s a story for another day, and harks back to my time spent programming the Commodore Amiga. Ah, jumpers for goalposts…

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